Back in 2004 we bought a charming old "Fehnhaus" in Stapelmoor, knowing a lot of work was waiting for us.
The house was build in 1850, and we wanted to bring that old style back into the house.
Through years of restaurations, embelishments and hard labor we tried to bring back the feeling of being home, and the feeling of cosiness.

And so we took on the challenge of rebuilding our home in the style of the 1850's.
The materials and embelishments aren't readily available in any construction store.
Long searches and a lot of detective work have gotten us our current accesories en living experience.
Anyone who has seen either our private living quarters or, of course, our guest rooms, knows how much effort and care has been put into all facets of our home.

With a lot of eye for detail, we created an atmosphere which lets us relive the good old times in the old Fehnhaus.
Our guests will, of course, expect different rooms, which are renovated and decorated in the same style as the rest of the house.
Anyone entering will be welcomed by the smell of antique furniture, en comfy chairs.

So we invite you to come to our old Fehnhaus, where you can leave the hectic world behind, and experience the well-doing rest of Stapelmoor.

With thanks to Suzanne Kerzman (freeform translation of her original german text)

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